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International Center InterSTUDY

InterSTUDY has shown stable work and a steady position on the market of educational services since 2001, and it is important that we offer our clients a wide range of opportunities. Over the years we have acquired sufficient experience without losing a unique, flexible and open approach to change.

International Center InterSTUDY was founded in 2001 with the initial goal of providing high quality consulting services for education abroad. Our business and guarantee of success are based on a wide range of direct contacts with educational institutions all over the world. Over the years the Center has established strong ties with with schools and universities in the United Kingdom and other European countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Therefore, it guarantees us a wide range of programs to satisfy the needs of our clients such as: standard language courses and courses for specific purposes for both adults and children, secondary education in boarding schools, foundation programs and direct enrollment to universities and colleges in a wide range of countries, business programs for executives and young professionals, and much more.

We regularly host individual consultations with representatives of education providers, and organize international fairs and specialized workshops (Fair “Education Abroad”, Workshop “Higher Education Abroad”, Workshop “Art, Design, Architecture”) where we invite our international partner institutions. During these events we offer those people who are interested in studying abroad an opportunity to receive first-hand information about education in other countries.

Successful long-term cooperation with Departments of Education and Culture of foreign Embassies and Consulates confirms our ability to work according to international standards. InterSTUDY Center is a member of WYSETC and Quality English, a partner of English UK and ICEF. In 2005 and 2009 InterSTUDY was the winner of the annual region competition “Laureates of Business – Stars of the Urals” which was organized by the Government of Sverdlovsk region.

Since the company was established we have been continually developing not only educational services but also cultural exchange programs, which help young people to get work experience during internships abroad. Cultural exchange and internship programs give students and young professionals an opportunity to get unique practical experience in different spheres, foreign language skills improvement, obtaining specialized professional skills, finding new friends and business contacts.

International English camp HILTON is a successful co-project by the International Fund of Educational Programs “Hilton” (Perm, Russia) and InterSTUDY. HILTON camp is a children vacation program with full immersion into an English speaking environment. The program has been operating in Sverdlovsk region for more than 20 years.

InterSTUDY is a team of employees who combine the professionalism of maturity and the energy of youth. We believe that high-quality education is a trustworthy and durable investment. We love our work, and we are always ready to offer our knowledge and experience for your success.

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Our advantages

  • Stable work since 2001
  • High professionalism and an individual approach
  • A wide range of programs offered
  • Personal contacts with international partners
  • The trust of our clients — over 60 % of our clients use our services repeatedly or come to us on their friends’ recommendation.

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