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InterSTUDY Center is a team of driven and energetic young professionals. Based in Ekaterinburg, the company has been operating successfully since its foundation in 2001. And from 2009 we have been holding annually a number of educational events such as fairs, workshops, art workshops, contests for high school and university students, presentations, to support our partners and provide potential students with opportunities to get information about educational programs from all over the world first hand. Over the years we have developed insight, strategic relationships, knowledge, and understanding into our events. We strive to provide the most conducive platform between institutions and prospective students.


Among participants of our events are the representatives of higher educational institutions, colleges, private boarding schools and language centers from all over the world to meet their potential clients.

In capacity of visitors we expect to see high school, college and university students and their parents, seeking for opportunities to continue their education in the institutions abroad; business professionals who are interested in postgraduate education and wishing to become acquainted with modern business trends and experience of successful business dealing in the world and those who are willing to learn foreign languages and advance their skills.


  • High quality of visitors
  • Thoughtfully planned and organized events
  • Great navigation and professional assistance of InterSTUDY team for both visitors and participants during events
  • Full range of programs and countries represented
  • Such organizations as British Council, US Consulate General, Campus France, DAAD annually participate in our fairs
  • Perfect location in the center of Ekaterinburg

For detailed information about InterSTUDY’s events, contact
Tatiana Piuta, Fair Coordinator at InterSTUDY center
Tel.: +7 (343) 380-15-17, +7 9826237652

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Fair “Education Abroad”

Workshop “Art, Design, Architecture”

Workshop “Art, Design, Architecture”